Borders, Walls, and Immigration Reform: Embrace the Power of ‘And.’

We need a wall. We also need a gate. How can we get both?

Happy New Year!

In which your humble narrator explains his reasons for dusting off the old blog and reviving it.

Football pictures: Eight the Hard Way.

So last Friday night was the opening week of football here in East Tennessee and I was covering a game for the Mountain Press.  The Seymour Eagles travelled to Jonesborough to take on the Pioneers of David Crockett. Seymour had a rough season last year, and this season is off to a rocky start as well, but I captured a
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How To Avoid Being ‘That Guy’ at a Theme Park

Don’t be that guy. You know, the one that get’s talked about on the way home? AS in, “I can’t believe the nerve of that guy! Who does he think he is?”

Star Wars:The Force Awakens…My Prediction

Okay, I’ve been watching J J Abrams for awhile, starting way back with Alias. I have some idea about how his mind works and I think I’ve figured out the major plot twists of The Force Awakens. I could be completely wrong, but on the off chance I’m right, if you want to avoid potential spoilers, do not read any further.

Gratitude or Attitude?

Here’s a tough one. Say you do something nice for somebody; could be big, might be small. But you go out of your way to do them a favor. And they either take it for granted, or worse, complain about it. That ungrateful SOB! Just see if I do anything for them ever again! But wait a minute. Let’s think
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Dancing in the Blood of Paris

A family member asked me what I thought of this article. It, like it’s author, is ten pounds of crap stuffed in a 5 pound sack. Throughout the article (details to follow), Claire Bernish shows us just how shallow we are while she, poor thing, is drenched in mourning for all the oppressed and victimized people of the world. The
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Starship Security

Cedric Barnes, Barney to his friends, stood in a ten by ten formation with 99 other recruits, excited, nervous, and wondering for the 147th time why the hell he’d chosen to sign up for Fleet. Sure, “Join the Fleet and see the Galaxy!” sounded really good, certainly better than the dead end job he’d been working, but still, was traveling
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The Art of the Short Story: Reading and Writing

I’ve been reading a lot of short stories lately and I have a question. Writing a short story takes  a special skill set, but does reading them take a special skill set as well? Do some stories fail for us because we fail to read them as they were meant, or are some fatally flawed in themselves? For the last
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Color My Finger Blue! I Voted for the Hugo!

I have voted for the Hugos for the first time in my life. For those of my friends who aren’t geeks, the Hugo is a fan voted award (think ‘People’s Choice Award’) given to the best works in science fiction and fantasy for the year. Given that the works are nominated and voted on by any fan willing to cough
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