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Star Wars:The Force Awakens…My Prediction

The basic plot is fairly clear based on the trailers released. It’s been 20 years or so since the events in “Return of the Jedi.” Reality has set in and after the jubilation over the fall of the Emperor, the power struggle over the fate of the galaxy commenced. The two sides in the struggle coalesced into basically a reformulated empire and a renewed resistance. With the death of all the Jedi and both Sith lords, the Force has all but disappeared from the Galaxy.

Finn, a young man recruited and trained as a Stormtrooper (The clones ran out sometime before or during the events of movies 4,5,6) is shot down over a desert planet where he meets up with Rey, a desert scavenger type mostly independent but with no love for the resurgent Empire. Both young people become refugees from the Empire and hook up with Han, Leia, and Chewie somehow.

Meanwhile, Luke is off in a remote corner of the Galaxy, possibly rebuilding the Jedi Academy, possibly living as a hermit contemplating near incest, patricide and other forms of Greek tragedy.

Meanwhile, Kylo Ren, a masked figure in black (Gee, where have we seen that before) with a Darth Vader fetish (Oh, there.) is doing mean things to many people using the Force (most likely the Dark Side) and an awesomely impractical light saber. Ren vows to finish what Vader started.

This we know.

Here’s what I suspect. Rey and Ren are twins, separated at birth (Where have we seen that before?) and hidden.  Why? These Skywalker children (Oh, there) are the children of either Leia/Han, or Luke and a player to be named later. (Since the film is PG, we can ignore the possibility of a Luke/Leia match up, even though it would concentrate the Jedi bloodlines resulting in a stronger line of Force users.) If they are the children of Luke and the PTBNL, then they must be hidden since Jedi are not allowed to form attachments. Luke sends them away so he can safely build the Academy. If they are the children of Leia and Han, their parents are figures high in the Rebellion, making their children targets. Either way, they are hidden away.

Ren is determined to finish the job that Annakin Skywalker started, that is, to return balance to the Force, but has lost his way, seduced by the Dark Side since he had no guidance from Uncle/Papa Luke. When his identity is revealed, HAn and Co decide the pull Luke from the Academy to beat some sence into the kid so they won’t have to kill him later.

In a parallel arc, we discover that Finn (Remember Finn?  This is a movie about Finn.) is the son of Mace Windu, who survived his battle with the Emperor and went into hiding, settling down and eventually having a son.

These guesses, and that’s all that they are, fit within the Star Wars universe, and tie the plot elements together in a fairly satisfying way. It’s certainly better than the asinine theory that Luke Skywalker is Kylo Ren. I don’t think Abrams is that stupid. His trend is to make his villains ambiguous, not his heroes.  Think Ben and Jacob on Lost as opposed to Jack Shephard. Shepard was always the guy trying to do the right thing while Ben and Jacob started out slaughtering lostees with glee.

So, that’s my theory, which is mine.



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