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Cold Fusion is Not a Myth; It’s a Brewery!

Adam to the left, Isaac in the middle, and Luke on the right. Three brothers brewing beer.

Adam to the left, Isaac in the middle, and Luke on the right. Three brothers brewing beer.

My sons are one step away from opening a craft brewery in Knoxville!

Isaac started the company a few years ago and has been working his way through the cumbersome process of selecting a location, upgrading the facilities, moving to a new location, and jumping through the bureaucratic hoops to get a fully licensed brewery off the ground. Along the way, older brother Adam joined in, along with younger brother Luke.

All the hard work is about to pay off as Cold Fusion Brewery gets set to take the Knoxville market by storm!

Sunday, they held a tasting of their first batch, an experimental sour beer, brewed to be an authentic Belgian experience. I don’t drink beer, so I’m not qualified to judge. I can say there was a definite sour apple flavor, along with a strong citrus note. What I liked most about it was the clean finish. Unlike the few beers I’ve tried, where I can still taste them 10 minutes later, this beer hit like a freight train, then disappeared, leaving me ready for another taste. Lissa really liked it, and judging from the comments I overheard, so did many of the other folks who tried it. Not bad for a first batch!

While we were at the pub, I mentioned that my father would be very proud of the boys. They are working together to build a business, creating a future for themselves and their families that depends solely on their own efforts. My dad did the same thing, walking away from the family business to start his own and make his own fortune. And now, Adam, Issac and Luke are doing the same thing. I know there will be rough patches as they move forward. Mistakes will be made, and troubles will come. But I also know that they will be able to fight past the problems and overcome them.

Because that’s just what we do.

On a lighter note, there is a certain symmetry in the Hailey clan operating a brewery. After all, my family has consumed far more than its share of beer; it’s only fair that we start giving back!

If you are ever in East Tennessee, and wander into a pub, look for the Cold Fusion label:cfblogo You’ll be certain to have a new beer experience a Isaac, Adam, and Luke are always working to come up with new and unusual flavor combinations.

I’m thinking a red velvet cake beer would be cool…maybe I should stick to barbecue and let them do the beer.

Although, not that I think about it, if the brewery takes off, and they start up a brew pub, I could be the pit master and give up my day job. That’s not a bad idea. Set up a big smoker behind the pub, fire up a dozen butts or so, along with a brisket or two, write while the meat is cooking, then leave it to the boys and the staff to serve it up with brew while I kick back in the corner and watch people enjoy.

I could get into that…

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  1. Isaac says:

    Thanks for the nice writeup, dad. I am very glad that you came out!

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