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Activism: What We Do Instead of Doing Something

Third National Flag of the Confederacy. I don't fly the Battle Flag because I am not at war. I have been known to fly the 3rd National Flag because of what it represents to me.

Third National Flag of the Confederacy. I don’t fly the Battle Flag because I am not at war. I have been known to fly the 3rd National Flag because of what it represents to me.

A man goes into a church and murders nine African-Americans and so we ban a flag, dig up a few dead bodies, argue about slavery and a war that’s been over for 100+ years, then sink back into our Naugahyde Barcaloungers, secure in the warm self congratulatory glow that we’ve demonstrated just how much we care.

The sad part is we’re right. Anybody paying attention knows exactly how much we care.

A man picks a random woman out of a crowd and shoots her in the back, killing her. He is an illegal immigrant, had been arrested/deported multiple times, and had stolen the gun he used in the murder.

So naturally, those few who noticed the crime (both victim and alleged perp are of the wrong race to get ratings so coverage has been minimal) are calling for more gun control. Because when they take my gun away from me, no more illegal immigrants will be able to steal weapons from federal agents.

Let’s take the Kate Steinle murder and look a little closer. The admitted shooter, Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, has multiple drug felony convictions and has been deported five times. He said he was in San Fransisco because the city is a ‘sanctuary city’ which is a city that has an official policy to not comply with federal law regarding illegal immigration. San Fransisco goes even further than many by refusing to cooperate with ICE unless ICE gets a court order. This extends even to simple notification to ICE when illegal aliens are released by the police department. Lopez-Sanchez was taken from federal custody and brought to San Francisco by the San Fransisco Sheriff’s office to face drug charges. ICE asked to be notified of any change in his status. When the Sheriff’s Office declined to press the charges and freed Lopez-Sanchez, they also declined to notify ICE that they were letting him go.

Lopez-Sanchez claims he found the gun near the water, wrapped in a T-shirt, and that it went off when he picked it up. Witnesses say he wasn’t near the water; he was on the pier, walked up to Steinle, and shot her. The gun had been reported stolen from a federal agent’s car a few days earlier. The agent had left the gun in the car and went to do some errands. When he came back, the gun was gone.

So, with all of this going on, Nancy Pelosi says that it is time to talk more about gun control.

And I’m absolutely certain there will be a chorus of idiots going along with her because we can’t let this be about immigration after all, that doesn’t fit the agenda. We like it when cities stand up for what is right, putting their morals over federal law. (Unless it involves gay marriage. Then cities must suck it up despite any moral quandaries they may face.)

The common tie here is that in both cases, the public is getting riled up over side issues instead of addressing the problems exposed by these events. The Confederate Battle Flag did not drive the murders in South Carolina, and that means that all the sound and fury over the Civil War, Slavery, and where Bedford-Forrest’s bones are buried has absolutely nothing to do with the horrific events on that Sunday morning. Similarly, the fact that I can legally keep and bear arms has nothing to do with a multiple felon who used a stolen federal agent’s gun to commit a murder.

It’s all misdirection. This administration is all about immigration reform and opening the door to the illegal immigrants here. Having a murder committed in a sanctuary city will have a negative impact on that agenda, so the issue needs to be about something else, like guns. The South Carolina shooter was motivated by White Supremacist ideology. Removing a flag from a Statehouse does nothing to combat that ideology. But it makes us feel good, like we’ve done something.

To me, that’s the real danger with these distractions. The flag is gone; watch how quickly the news cycle moves on now. Nothing has been done to stop the next murders; the hate that drove Roof is still out there, perhaps even exacerbated by the removal of the flag. But we have a sense of accomplishment. And we can now turn to our next priority without ever doing the hard work. The same is true of the San Fransisco shooting. A few people will bleat about gun control, nothing will happen, and we’ll still have known felons released and committing crimes in sanctuary cities.

But that’s okay because we can all pat ourselves on the back for holding a serious conversation about the Confederate Flag and the need for more gun control.



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