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Obama Balks at Boehner’s Debt Ceiling Offer

Obama Balks at Boehner’s Debt Ceiling Offer.

No surprise here. I disagree with the conclusion of the article, though. There are no cracks in the GOP’s stance. They did once again what they have done several times leading up to and during the shutdown; they have made offers to compromise and end the shutdown and stave off a debt limit crisis. They have demonstrated repeatedly that the road block is the Obama Administration and democrats in the Senate.

Harry Reid said he wanted a clean increase in the debt limit of over $1 trillion dollars, which would move the next crisis out past the 2014 elections. The House responded with a compromise, a shorter term increase to prevent default while Congress began to actually do its job and come up with a sane spending plan.

Obama and Reid have rejected that compromise, once again demonstrating that it is their intransigence causing the problems in Washington. Obviously, the press will not report it that way, but this is no longer the days when the press controlled the flow of information. Obama’s plummeting approval numbers, helped along by the patty and tyrannical way he has implemented the shutdown, aptly demonstrate that the new media is now driving the conversation.

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