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I’m Not An Economist, But…

I don’t think you have to be in order to understand what’s going on with our economy. First, let’s define a few terms. Inflation is a measure of the relationship between the amount of currency in circulation and the value of our economy. Since our money isn’t based on anything in particular, (that’s called a ‘soft’ currency) we can print
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Setting Your Priorities

Put yourself in this situation and tell me what you’d do. You are a politician running for office. You have certain core principles, ideals that motivated you to go into politics in the first place. You have a vision for your city, state, or country, one that you believe will make things better for your constituents, and, more importantly, is
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My Dear Guests, Allow Me to Introduce Myself. is going to be a site that is about me. Not in some egotistical self absorbed way, but in a way that hopefully will allow me to reach people more effectively. I believe that God gave me the brain He did in order for me to use it for the people around me. I believe He gave me the
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130315014526_BILL HASLAM

Good News in Tennessee: ‘Guns in Trunk’ Bill Has Been Signed by Gov. Haslam

According to this story on the WBIR website, Gov. Haslam has signed the bill passed by the Tennessee legislature that will allow employees to keep their guns locked safely in their cars while at work, even in the employer has a no guns policy. Here’s the good part; the law represents a fair compromise that protects both the property rights
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College Has Changed!

I’m struggling to find the right words for this one. According to this story from Fox, the University of Tennessee is spending $20,000 to host ‘Sex Week,’ a week long series of events designed to help students fully express their sexuality, and, in the words of Brianna Rader, one of the organizers ““how to turn up the heat on our
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Electing a New Pope

With the surprise retirement of Pope Benedict, and amid rumors of scandal and political power struggles, the Cardinals of the Catholic church have gathered in Vatican City to select a new Pope for the Roman Catholic Church. E morning they withdraw, closing the doors of the Sistine Chapel behind them as they pray, deliberate, and discuss who the next Holy
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I’m in 6th grade, maybe 7th, and supposedly too old for playing on the swings, but the swings at school aren’t your ordinary backyard swings that might tip over if you swing too hard. These are mighty colossi of tubular steel legs sunk into concrete and towering over my head at least 50 feet. The chains stretch down almost to
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Judge throws out NYC’s ban on large sugary drinks   The Ticket   Yahoo  News

Bloomberg’s Soda Snatch Thrown Out as ‘Arbitrary and Capricious’

And the score is now Bloomberg 0 Freedom 1 as a judge struck down Nanny Bloomberg’s soda ban. Yes friends and neighbors, New Yorkers are once again free to decide what, and how much, they can drink without an overweening micromanaging government playing mommy and overseeing their choices. Sure, this seems like a small thing, and it is, but the
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Greenback teacher arrested in sex charges » Knoxville News Sentinel

Teacher, Teacher, Can You Teach Me?

Not too long ago, I wrote that if our schools are not secure enough to keep sex predators away from our kids, then maybe they shouldn’t be trusted to teach our kids about sex. The context was a story about a guy who was found teaching young girls gymnastics in a school cafeteria after school hours. The most common response
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Sulaiman Abu Ghaith  Bin Laden’s Son in Law  Charged in New York

Some Animals Are More Equal.

A US citizen, found to be engaged in terrorist activities overseas (or just having a quiet dinner) can be killed by a US drone strike. On the other hand, a militant Islamist who runs al Qaeda gets a plane ticket to NYC, legal representation and all the comforts of the US legal system. The appearance of Mr. Abu Ghaith before
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