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Thoughts on my Birthday

Five years ago, I had the most intense birthday of my life.


Sad Puppies, Science Fiction, the Hugo, and Frank Sinatra

Why do recent Hugo winning stories suck? For those of you who don’t know, I’m a science geek, and I love reading science fiction (SF). Been reading it ever since I found my first Heinlein story in the library. Currently, there’s an uprising in the SF world as fans of old school fiction try to wrest control of the field’s
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SFF Fans Can’t Read; Only True Fen Can

The central premise of the Sad Puppies campaign (led in its third iteration by Brad Torgersen)  is to show that the Hugo Award no longer reflects the tastes of the overwhelming majority of science fiction and fantasy fans. As Brad says: Because (as I have stated many times in the last few years) “fandom” does not really represent FANDOM anymore.
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Shop Locally? I Don’t Think So!

CC: (Scans a few items, stopping at some sheets.) Oh, these are just darling! They are going to look so good on the baby’s bed. Boy or girl?
CU: A girl. We’re going to name her Jessica after my husband’s mother. I wanted to name her after my grandmother, but my husband didn’t think ‘Mildred’ was a good name for a girl. Too old fashioned.
CC: Hmph! Men. Mildred may be a touch out of date, but shorten it to Millie and it’s Thoroughly Modern! Get it? Thoroughly Modern Millie? I crack myself up.
CU: (mumbles)Yeah, I got it. And it’s sorta why he didn’t want the name. I’m starting to see his point.
CC: What honey?
CU: Oh, just that there’s no point in arguing. Besides, it scores points with the mother-in-law.

The Mother Anthony: Quenching my Thirst

More years ago than I really care to think about, I was a sophomore in high school. I, along with the rest of my classmates, was tasked by Mr. Heiser, my English teacher, with writing an original tall tale, similar to American whoppers involving larger than life heroes like Mike Fink, Paul Bunyan, or Johnny Appleseed. I had never tried
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You lost me. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Well no, it isn;'t sweet, and I'm not sorry in the least.

Fare Thee Well, Facebook.

Add me to the long list of people who’ve had it with Facebook. I’ll still maintain an account, and I’ll link my posts here over there so my friends can find them if they are interested, but I’m not going to spend a lot of time writing, posting or commenting on Facebook anymore; it’s a waste of time to put
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Setting Your Priorities

Put yourself in this situation and tell me what you’d do. You are a politician running for office. You have certain core principles, ideals that motivated you to go into politics in the first place. You have a vision for your city, state, or country, one that you believe will make things better for your constituents, and, more importantly, is
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130315014526_BILL HASLAM

Good News in Tennessee: ‘Guns in Trunk’ Bill Has Been Signed by Gov. Haslam

According to this story on the WBIR website, Gov. Haslam has signed the bill passed by the Tennessee legislature that will allow employees to keep their guns locked safely in their cars while at work, even in the employer has a no guns policy. Here’s the good part; the law represents a fair compromise that protects both the property rights
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I’m in 6th grade, maybe 7th, and supposedly too old for playing on the swings, but the swings at school aren’t your ordinary backyard swings that might tip over if you swing too hard. These are mighty colossi of tubular steel legs sunk into concrete and towering over my head at least 50 feet. The chains stretch down almost to
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