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Star Wars:The Force Awakens…My Prediction

Okay, I’ve been watching J J Abrams for awhile, starting way back with Alias. I have some idea about how his mind works and I think I’ve figured out the major plot twists of The Force Awakens. I could be completely wrong, but on the off chance I’m right, if you want to avoid potential spoilers, do not read any further.

Starship Security

Cedric Barnes, Barney to his friends, stood in a ten by ten formation with 99 other recruits, excited, nervous, and wondering for the 147th time why the hell he’d chosen to sign up for Fleet. Sure, “Join the Fleet and see the Galaxy!” sounded really good, certainly better than the dead end job he’d been working, but still, was traveling
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The Art of the Short Story: Reading and Writing

I’ve been reading a lot of short stories lately and I have a question. Writing a short story takes  a special skill set, but does reading them take a special skill set as well? Do some stories fail for us because we fail to read them as they were meant, or are some fatally flawed in themselves? For the last
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Babies, Borders and Beck

According to Breitbart, Glen Beck is bringing food, water, and toys to the thousands of kids stranded in refuge camps after illegally crossing the border. You can read The Blaze article here. He says: “Through no fault of their own, they are caught in political crossfire,” Beck said of the children. “And while we continue to put pressure on Washington
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My Dear Guests, Allow Me to Introduce Myself. is going to be a site that is about me. Not in some egotistical self absorbed way, but in a way that hopefully will allow me to reach people more effectively. I believe that God gave me the brain He did in order for me to use it for the people around me. I believe He gave me the
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Electing a New Pope

With the surprise retirement of Pope Benedict, and amid rumors of scandal and political power struggles, the Cardinals of the Catholic church have gathered in Vatican City to select a new Pope for the Roman Catholic Church. E morning they withdraw, closing the doors of the Sistine Chapel behind them as they pray, deliberate, and discuss who the next Holy
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Teacher, Teacher, Can You Teach Me?

Not too long ago, I wrote that if our schools are not secure enough to keep sex predators away from our kids, then maybe they shouldn’t be trusted to teach our kids about sex. The context was a story about a guy who was found teaching young girls gymnastics in a school cafeteria after school hours. The most common response
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Some Animals Are More Equal.

A US citizen, found to be engaged in terrorist activities overseas (or just having a quiet dinner) can be killed by a US drone strike. On the other hand, a militant Islamist who runs al Qaeda gets a plane ticket to NYC, legal representation and all the comforts of the US legal system. The appearance of Mr. Abu Ghaith before
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Ohhh. That felt Good!

No limits. No boundaries. And no reason not to say what I believe. Facebookers rejoice because now you won’t have to wade through my long drawn out statuses anymore. I’ll link to them so you can keep up if you want to, but I’m back! Please pardon the spartan digs. I haven’t decorated the place yet, but I didn’t want
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A One Way Road to Nowhere

Atheism is a dead end philosophy. In the end, all you are is dead.