Ranking the Super-Hero Movies: Episode 4

A New Mope These ten movies start off with a sulking unkillable hero and ends with a sulking unkillable hero. I get it; I really do. From a narrative perspective, characters with great powers must face equally great challenges otherwise there’s no drama. The problem is that, while the comic books these characters sprang from answered the problem by imposing
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Ranking the Super-Hero Movies: Episode 3

Diamonds in the Rough The third stop on our trip through super-hero memory lane features mutants, vigilantes, the living and the dead…ish. Let’s get started! 70. X-Men: The Last Stand Angel was my favorite of the original X-Men, so you can guess how I feel about his portrayal here. It stinks. Sadly, it never gets any better, but that is
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Ranking the Super-Hero Movies, Bottom to Top: 80-71

Part 2 of our multi-day trip through the land of super-heroes, alter-egos, and sidekicks.

Ranking the Super-Hero Movies, Bottom to Top: 95-81

Take a trip with me through 95 of the best superhero movies ever made. Of course, since there’s 95 on the list, “best” is a relative term!

Endgame Spoilers

Okay, so I have a couple things I want to say about the movie, but I don’t wan to spoil it for anybody. This isn’t a full review or anything, just a couple of quick thoughts. And now a few more words to make sure nobody sees anything they don’t want to… . . Okay. A couple of thoughts. Coulsen
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My State of the Union Address

My version of the SOTU I’d give. Should be something in here to offend just about everybody.

In Search of Masculinity:Pt1

I’ve posted a couple of times on the Gillette ad and an answering ad from Egard watches. I’ve explained my objections to the Gillette ad and why I think the Egard ad is not only more effective as an advertisement, but as a call to action as well. And now, I want to dig a little bit deeper into this
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Making a Case. And a Sale.

Two different sales models. Gillette highlights the worst that men do, says it describes all of us, and hectors us to “do better”, ignoring the fact that most of us are already doing better than the examples laid out in the ad. It’s designed to make us feel that we lack something and must change our basic nature in order
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Bipartisanship in DC: Tit for Tat Politics

Speaker Pelosi gigs President Trump regarding the State of the UNion Address

Tech Review: VR Games

Reviewing four VR games on the Vive, including Beat Saber, Audioshield, The Lab, and Drunk or Dead.